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Trade Agreements

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Korea - Chile Free Trade Agreement

Area of Cooperation

Goods, Services (including: Telecommunications, Professional and Health. EXCLUDING: Core Air transport and Financial Services) Government Procurement, Investment, Competition Policy, Intellectual Property, Dispute Settlement, Trade Facilitation, Labor

Sign Date

January 1, 2003

In Force Date

January 1, 1970


After six rounds of negotiation, the Korea-Chile Free Trade Agreement was concluded in 2003. The KCFTA was the first free trade agreement entered into by Korea. It provides Korea with an opening into other Latin American economies as Chile has numerous agreements with other countries in the region. Both countries are to eliminate tariff on 96 percent of goods in 10 years. The combination of the two countries compliments each other because while Chile is competitive in raw materials and agricultural products, Korea’s strength lies in industrial products.


Cross-Continental Bilateral

Rules of Origin

                                                               i.      Tariff heading change

                                                             ii.      45% build down, 30% build up

                                                            iii.      No specific process required


                                                               i.         Anti - Dumping : Subject to GATT Art VI

                                                             ii.         Countervailing Duties : Subject to GATT Art VI

                                                            iii.         Safeguards : Subject to GATT Art XIX


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Additional Links

                                                               i.      http://www.sice.oas.org/Trade/Chi-SKorea_e/ChiKoreaind_e.asp

                                                             ii.      http://www.mofat.go.kr/me/me_a002/me_b005/1134362_973.html